OP Mikroskop Zeiss OPMI S7 Movena

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Chirgurgisches OP Mikroskop Zeiss OPMI S7 Movena fahrbar

Surgical Microscope

Apochromatic optics

Motorized zoom system, 1:6 zoom ratio

DeepView: depth of field management system


Stereo Coaxial Illumination (SCI): red reflex illumination and surrounding
field illumination, both are adjustable, patent pending

Light source

Halogen light source with fully automatic lamp change in case of lamp failure

Integrated 408 mm UV barrier filter

Blue blocking filter

Retinal protection device

Fiber optic illumination

Optional: fluorescence filter

X-Y coupling

61 mm x 61 mm adjustment range

Reset-Button for X-Y coupling, focus and zoom

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