Used medical equipment

Buying new medical equipment is very expensive. We offer you used medical devices out of practice resolutions or out of sell-offs due to purchase of new medical devices.
Used medical devices are checked professionally by us.
You can request a current STK-examination of the device in regard. 
If you have not found the article you are searching for, do not hesitate to contact us by phone, tel-no: +49.9181.261100 Or send us an email
As we have running modifications on our stock, so not all available medical devices are always shown in our shop.
Please also have a look on our new platform: sale medical Euipment B2B

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C-Arm Siemens Siremobil Iso-C 3D expansion and 2 Monitors with trolly - top condition

11,501.35 *

Currently unavailable

C-Arm Philips BV Libra, mobile x-ray system with Monitor -Top condition

7,078.45 *

Currently unavailable

Dräger Sulla 808V blue Version with Dräger PM8060 and Trolly with Modulbox - Top Condition by Juramed in Bavaria

2,308.18 *

In stock
can be shipped within 2 days

C-Arm X-Ray Toshiba Ultimax Yom 2006, 2015 new Tube, 2017 new Camera, top unit!

16,500.00 *

In stock
can be shipped within 1 days

HF surgery device Erbe ICC 200 with Foodswitch, Erbe APC 300, Pressure reducer, Trolly - top condition

2,000.43 *

In stock


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